Wednesday, February 01, 2006

(Ring)ing Experience

U must all have seen the movie "The Ring". It came out about 4 years ago. A few of my friends happened to watch the movie in the theatre and raved abt it. It is this scary movie which really spooks you out. The movie is about this videotape, which if anyone happens to watch, will get killed. One more characteristic is that the moment you finish watching the tape n switch it off, you get a phone call which informs you about your impending death.

The concept seemed very interesting and since I could not catch the movie at the theatre, I got a VCD of the movie from the local video store. As it happens there was no one at home that day. I popped the CD into the PC and saw for about 20 mins of the movie. I could not continue further as there was a power failure. The moment the power went, the phone in my house started to ring. I was like, "Oh Shit!!!!.. Dont tell me". It was a quite scary momemt, inspite of knowing that it was just a coincidence... Now that I happen to think abt it =)).

The call turned to to be from one of my friends, who was feeling bored at home, so happened to call up. :)