Thursday, October 04, 2007

Its Waffle Time

I have always had a soft corner in my heart for waffles. This was my favourite place in Bangalore for waffles. Ever since I shifted to Singapore, I had not eaten waffles. So, on my way back home today evening, I happened to chance upon a place selling waffle cakes. I promptly went and stood in the queue (Yes, there was queue for that too) to purchase one. The almost 10 min wait in the queue was totally worth it. They have about 10 different flavours with prices ranging from 1$ to 1.8$. They also let you mix and match flavours. I chose a Butter Maple syrup flavour which cost me 1.5$.

The waffles were round in shape (maybe about 7 inch in diameter) and much softer than the ones I have had in Bangalore. I could see the assistant preparing the waffle right in front of me. Once the waffle had roasted sufficiently, she picked it out of the mould and spread it on the table in front of her. She then proceeded to slather a generous helping of butter on the waffle followed by maple syrup. The waffle was then folded over in half, put in a small brown paper bag and handed over to me. As the waffle was quite hot, the butter started to melt and mixed with the maple syrup. I took a bite of the waffle cake and was it amazing or what!!! The taste of the mildly salted melting butter along with the sweetness of the maple syrup was so delicious. I had such a warm glow on my face during the entire time. I felt just like how a kid feels when he/she gets a lollipop and eats it while walking back home holding their father's hand :D

My goal now is to try out all the flavours on the menu. Definitely one flavour per week. Then I shall mix and match some flavours for the added taste.

Anyone wants to join ?