Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tequila Blue

I don't know what exactly about Mexican food excites me. Maybe its the flavour or the vibrant colours or many vegetarian options. Or maybe its a mix of all these things. So, its high time that I feature a Mexican restaurant in FoodieExpress. Presenting, ladies and gentlemen, the latest discovery by our resident consultant, Ms. Sayesha - Tequila Blue. Its situated at Changi Village, very close to the Changi ferry terminal and the Changi Bus terminal.

My all time favourite Mexican place in Singapore is Cafe Iguana. Well, Cafe Iguana now has a competitor. After my visit to Tequila Blue, its has definitely been added to my favourites list. Not only was the food great, but they had a wide variety of veggie options.

They had quite an interesting ambience. Check out this hilarious poster that we saw at the entrance.

They even had a foosball table, where we played a few games. Needless to say, I lost hopelessly. I still need to get hang of that game. Also noticed was a pedestal kind of thing, where had kept many bottles of tequila. It resembled the typical positioning of gods as depicted in a bollywood movie. Haha! Well, some people consider tequila as god. :P

We quickly placed an order for a jug of mango margherita, a plate of Nachos Grande, Quesadilla and Jalapeno Rellenos. While we were waiting for the food to arrive, I was experimenting with my friend's new DSLR camera, doing random photography and also taking pictures in the manual mode. It was nice fun. I liked this particular photo very much.

Ofcourse, I also loved the photo I took of all of us, but I cannot post that here, else we will be hounded by the paparazzi on Singapore streets. LOL!

Mango Margherita

Our food arrived shortly. First came the Nachos, followed by the Quesadilla and Jalapeno Rellenos. They dishes were lovely and I had to quickly take a few pictures before my friends attacked the food. My yelling at them to not touch the food before I can take pictures does not seem to have its desired effect anymore. Here are a couple of pictures that I managed to take before we devoured the food.

Nachos Grande

Jalapeno Rellenos


For the main course, the vegetarian items ordered were a Veg Burrito, Veg Enchilada and a Veg burger. They quickly found their way to our table. I had more time to take pictures though as my friends were busy devouring the appetizers.



Veg Burger

The food was quite good overall and I would definitely recommend this place to people. The dinner and drinks can be followed by a leisurely walk on Changi beach situated nearby. If you like to watch planes land and take off, Changi beach is one of the places to be. Great views of all sorts of flights landing and taking off at the ever busy Changi airport.

The bill came to about 150 bucks for 5 of us, which makes it about 30 bucks per head. Quite affordable by Singapore standards. This restaurant was good value for money. If you are in or around Changi and looking for a place to eat, do consider visiting this place. You won't go back disappointed.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Woods Bio Marché

Presenting the next installment in Foodie Express - Woods Bio Marché. This post is for all those people who tell that we visit restaurants in the east only. This particular restaurant is in the north. About 350 km north of Singapore to be precise. In Kuala Lumpur. I had clearly mentioned that Foodie Express will be sort of a vegetarian's guide to Singapore restaurants. But then, rules are meant to be broken :P And we sort of got carried away. Hehe!

We happened to come across this restaurant purely by chance. On our recent road trip to KL, we were walking around the Bukit Bintang area looking for a place to eat, when we chanced upon this place serving organic, vegetarian and vegan food. My curiosity was certainly piqued. A quick look at the menu and we found ourselves inside the restaurant, ready to order.

The place served mainly vegetarian/vegan versions of local dishes such as Nasi Lemak, Noodle soup apart from a couple of Western items. They had quite an interesting and colourful menu. Also mentioned on the menu, under each dish was its health value, like Anti-oxidant, Stamina, Relaxation etc.

It is such a relief to go to an all vegetarian restaurant. The knowledge that I can order anything from the menu is like a major high in itself. I will usually be found asking the waiter/waitress if a particular dish can be made vegetarian. But this, was something lovely.

As usual, I was confused on what to order. I am generally the last to decide. So, while my friends waited patiently, I zeroed in on Dumpling Soup. Orders were also placed for a Fusion Nasi Lemak set, Nonya curry somen (noodles) and a soyabean burger. While we were waiting for food to arrive, we indulged in some mindless chit-chat, people watching and random photography.

The items arrived one by one. First came the Nasi Lemak set.

followed by the Nonya curry somen,

dumpling soup

and finally the burger

I think the highlight of the entire meal was Nasi Lemak. It was very very tasty. It came along with a side of some chopped vegetables, roasted peanuts and some sambal paste. Yummy!

The dumpling soup was quite good too. The stuffing has coarsely powdered peanuts mixed along with it, which gave the dish a very interesting twist. Soft(the covering) and crunchy(due to the peanuts).

The noodles in Nonya curry was great, especially the veggies. Not overpowering like some curries generally are.

The burger was just about ok. Not particularly a big fan of the mock meat patty.

They even had vegan coffee (I am guessing made with soy milk), but I wasn't in an adventurous mood. So didn't try it. Somehow, I am not all that adventurous when it comes to coffee. There is just one or two ways in which I like my coffee and I don't prefer it having any other way.

I would definitely visit this place again. Now that I think of my visit to this place, I feel that I didn't spend enough time there to completely soak in the place or try out a few more dishes. Like my visit isn't complete or there are some loose ends which need to be tied.

I personally felt that the prices were quite cheap compared to Singapore standards. We paid about 56 Ringgits for the entire meal for 5 people, which comes to about 23 Singapore dollars. Holy Cow! That is incredibly inexpensive. We would have probably spent 60-70 dollars minimum at such a restaurant in Singapore.

You can read more about them here.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I am wondering what to write in this post. A post which marks my completion of 2 years in Singapore. 2 years of living by myself. Being at a loss of words made me take a look at the post I wrote 1 year ago.

Yes, I am still very happy about all the things that I have mentioned in that post. Each time I travel on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, from where I can view the entire Marina Bay area, it fills me with a sense of pride that I live here. And every single time, I still gawk at the skyscrapers and the view like I haven't seen it before in my life.

It feels like the past one year has flown by so fast. Maybe because a lot has happened in my life in the past one year - Traveling,
friends, shifting homes, the beach, hour long commutes to work, taking a big decision, surprise birthday parties, getting into a relationship, getting out of a relationship, etc. I am glad about every thing that has happened - the good ones and the not so good ones. It gives me the feeling and the high of living my life on my own terms and being responsible for it.

Cheesecakes on the house to all the readers. Its time for some celebration! And a biiiiiig and tiiiight hug to a big bunch of people. You know who you are.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Pizzadude decides to go for a swim in the evening.

Pizzadude feels very sleepy through the course of the day.

Pizzadude thinks of canceling the swimming plans and heading back home and going to bed early.

Pizzadude says "Yeah right! As if he will sleep early".

Pizzadude overcomes laziness and decides to stick to his swimming plans.

Pizzadude goes swimming at a pool near his office.

Pizzadude doesn't like the pool. He is used to the usual pool near his house.

Pizzadude swims for about 45 mins.

Pizzadude is tired and very thirsty.

Pizzadude is happy with the workout and all the extra-calories he burned (which he had accumulated by eating cookies and chocolate cake in the morning).

Pizzadude decides to treat himself to a nice and healthy dinner at Subway.

Pizzadude goes to the nearest mall.

Pizzadude gets distracted by all the restaurants.

Pizzadude almost walks into a Japanese restaurant, but then decides against it when he realizes that they don't have any vegetarian food.

Pizzadude decides to check out the Kopitiam (local food court).

Pizzadude is amazed at the variety and wonders why he never came here before.

Pizzadude spots a vegetarian stall and almost jumps up and down in joy. He then realizes that doing so does not go well with his sophisticated and dignified image and is not good on his knees. So, he just sports an angelic smile.

Pizzadude spots noodle soup on their menu. Its called Lor Mee.

Pizzadude is all excited and places an order for it.

Pizzadude waits eagerly for the dish to arrive. Filmfare magazine and some eye-candy nearby gives him company.

Pizzadude is not very impressed with the way it looks.

Pizzadude realizes to his horror that it is laden with oil and soy sauce.

Pizzadude does not like the taste so much.

Pizzadude manages to almost finish the dish as he does not like to waste food.

Pizzadude realizes that he just undid the effects of his evening swim.

Pizzadude feels bloated and fat.

Pizzadude thunks head against the table.

Pizzadude resolves to head to the nearest Subway outlet after his swim from next time.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Recently, I came across this video on youtube. I didn't realize what was happening in the video initially, but then when I reached the end and realized what it was about, I was at a loss of words. It is so well done and conveys the message extremely well.

Thanks Sumanth for the link.