Friday, February 06, 2009


This restaurant was the second stop on the Foodie Express and was suggested by our resident consultant, Sayesha. Situated in a quintessentially very residential neighbourhood along Jln Tua Kong, it is a place to visit to have some American styled food in the eastern part of Singapore. To reach Blooies, take a left from East coast road after Siglap Road along Jln Tua Kong and drive for about 300 to 400 metres. Initially it appears as if the road leads to a dead end very soon. But, be patient and take the road. Very soon you will arrive at a set of shops, which appears like a garage (or was it a garage?). Amidst this setup, you will be greeted by the brightly lit neon signs of Blooies.

This restaurant has been started by an Canadian expat and is named after his pet dog. Infact their logo is the profile view of a dogs face. The place has got a very relaxed atmosphere with soft music being played in the background. Add in the backdrop of the quiet neighbourhood and we have a very nice and chilled out place to hang out at. They even have a pool table. The walls are almost covered with photos of people who have visited this place. I don't know if they are celebrities and didn't bother to investigate. But to my amateur eye, they looked like common people who had come there to generally chill out. Oh! Checkout the poster stuck in the restroom.


Their happy hours are till 8pm, during which there is 20% waiver on all alocholic beverages. Trying to make maximum use of this, we ordered the first round of drinks. Blooies (their signature drink), Kamikaze, Lychee Martini and a jug of beer soon arrived at our table. Excluding the Lychee Martini (which was more like lychee juice), the other drinks were very good. Would easily be rated as 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Being a sucker for citrus drinks, I found the Kamikaze (which contained lime) very refreshing. Although, am a tad bit disappointed with the quantity of the drinks served. I was expecting slightly more quantity. So, what to do when this happens? Order another round of drinks! This time, Long Island Iced Tea, Woo Woo and a Mai Tai arrived at the table.

The hilariously named Woo Woo!

They have a decent vegetarian selection as is obvious from an entire page from their menu which is dedicated to vegetarians. Impressive stuff!

We started the meal with some Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and deep fried. The Jalapenos were so spicy. The dish in itself wasn't great though. It was just fine. The same item at Cha Cha Cha (that deserves an entire post) or El Patio are much better. We also ordered Quesadilla (mozzarella and cheddar cheese between two tortilla's along with salsa, guacamole and sour cream) which was totally YUMMY! A must have at this restaurant.

Main course comprised of a Mushroom burger, Veggie Sandwich, Pasta Primavera, Chicken burger which were all quite good. I was super excited because they had a vegetarian burger! I was quite curious as to what kind of patty will come along with the burger. It turned out that the patty was just a huge roasted portobello mushroom. I have had a love-hate relationship with this mushroom. I love the taste but kind of detest the smell. Thankfully, it turned out to be love this time and boy, was I glad or what!! Check out the burger -

The veggie sandwich

The service was very fast. Quite impressive. Although it must be noted that the place was not very crowded. In my opinion, this is a lovely place to hangout and spend a time on a sunday evening.

Cost wise, this restaurant is on the expensive side. An average of 45-50 bucks per head (drinks and desserts included). You won't be disappointed though.

You can checkout their official website here.