Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Simple Equation

Healthy dinner at Subway + Peach flavoured frozen yoghurt with fresh mango topping + aimless walking along the exotic aisles of Cold storage = One happy boy :D :D :D

Cold Storage is a fantasy land for me!! I will get lost and drift to my happy place when I am there. The rest of the world ceases to exist! Infact, my ex had gotten quite jealous that I seemed more excited at cold storage than on our dates. LOL!!

A sure shot way to make me happy (especially if I am angry with you) - Drop me of at Cold Storage and come and pick me up after a couple of hours :D Importantly, pay for whatever I purchase there.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The nicknames

Recently I started thinking about the different nicknames that are usually associated with me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have so many nicknames. In an effort that I don't forget them (and that I need to update my blog more regularly), here they are and the story behind them.

1. Pizzadude - My online name. I didn't come up with this name actually. Instead, it was coined by a close friend of mine, after he discovered my LOVE for pizzas. I don't think he even remembers that he coined this name. Pills, thanks so much for inspiring my online identity.

2. Chinnu - My family calls me by this name. Soon my friends caught on to this and I am now frequently referred by this name.

3. Chinoto - Coined by Sri, my ex-flatmate. He saw the name on the drinks menu at Pasta Fresca and became obsessed with it and started referring to me that way. Now, the other ex-flatmate also refers to me by this name.

4. Thai-chi - Again coined by Sri, after he discovered my unconditional love for Thai food!

5. Aloo Bhujia Controller Confiscator Dude (ABCD) - Coined by Shub. Story here.

6. Aloobun Dude - Coined by Shub after I made here jealous by eating aloo bun (got by ex-flatmate from Bangalore) and not giving it to her.

7. Thames - Coined by Sumanthe, after noticing my supposedly angrezi behaviour/mannerisms.

8. Thudson - Coined by Viv. During dinner one day, my friends were referring to me as Thames as usual. I opined that since I prefer US to UK, I should be called as Hudson. This prompted Viv to refer to me as Thud-son, with a resounding thud on my back!

9. Joey - Coined by Sash, after the character of Joey Tribbiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., when she found out about my love for pizzas and food and for typical Joey like behaviour.

10. Veshtiman - Story here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Shantamma Parvatamma Chronicles

It all started more than a year ago. One evening, I had finished cooking dinner quite early. While waiting for my flatmates to arrive, Shub happened to call. During the course of our conversation, I happened to tell her how convenient it is to cook with the microwave oven, how I finished cooking much sooner than I had expected to, how it avoids mess and clutter and how I will end up washing less vessels. I went on and on, which prompted her to say that I sound like a housewife. She then proceeded to ask me, in typical Bangalore fashion - Yen ri Shantamma? Adige aaytha?

Subsequently, we would get into this Shantamma mode every now and then and end up amusing ourselves silly. That's when it struck us - lets make this a feature on our blogs - The Shantamma Parvatamma Chronicles, henceforth referred to as TSPC. Their character sketches are here.

So, the other day, Shub remarked that I looked quite thin of late and then proceeded to ask me -

Yen ri shantamma phull figure-aa? ;)

Howdri Parvatamma. Eegina kaaladalli figure-gigure irbeku. Illa andre yaaru tirugkooda nodalla. ;)

Hoon kanri. Namm yajmanru, marathon geerathon antha shanivaara aadre oadakke hogtaare. Adu alde neenu baare baare antha tale tinn taare. Saakaagbittide nange!

Nimm yejamanru bidre. Phull popular aagbitidare. Hudugiru alde hudugurugu kooda phull interest avarabagge. Nimm friendu, hindinbeedi Meenu-akka, avarannu hogalidde hogaliddu.

Howdu. Naanu kooda adeno koodlu kappu maadodikke DYE antha yeno sigothe antharalla..adu talege hachhc bekaa nodtideeni... naan avra ajji antha tilkobaardu nodi jana!

Howdu howdu. DYE hachikolli. Reshme sereenu utkoli. Talege swalpa mallige hoovu mudukoli. Phull lakshanavaagi kaanteera.

Tip-taap kaan bekri naanu. Bob cut maadsi dye hachkondu heng kaantheeni noodi. Aa pakkada mane mahaaalakshmige phull hotte uribeku!