Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Simple Equation

Healthy dinner at Subway + Peach flavoured frozen yoghurt with fresh mango topping + aimless walking along the exotic aisles of Cold storage = One happy boy :D :D :D

Cold Storage is a fantasy land for me!! I will get lost and drift to my happy place when I am there. The rest of the world ceases to exist! Infact, my ex had gotten quite jealous that I seemed more excited at cold storage than on our dates. LOL!!

A sure shot way to make me happy (especially if I am angry with you) - Drop me of at Cold Storage and come and pick me up after a couple of hours :D Importantly, pay for whatever I purchase there.


Clueless said...

Cold Storage is so ... ataas! (My Singlish is getting better, haha!) I always feel out of place there, because it's so damn fancy!

(I guess it doesn't matter for foreigners like you. :D)

Sayesha said...

//(I guess it doesn't matter for foreigners like you. :D)


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaa .... lol @ comments above !!

Anonymous said...

btw .. did you guys watched .. julie and julia ?? strongly recommended

Sayesha said...

Where's the post on Julie and Julia? Huh huh huh? Lazybum!! :P

PizzaDude said...

and that is exactly why I feel so much at home at ColdStorage :D

@Sayesha, @anon1:

Just watched it yesterday and LOVED IT!

*sheepish grin*

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling that you would like the movie ... btw .... are you also trying to go for such a feat ?? :P

PizzaDude said...

Oh! No wonder you recommended the movie :D Shub and I had a lovely time watching the movie.

PizzaDude said...

Similar feat and me? Hmmmm.. As much interesting and fun as that would be, I doubt if my current schedule and lifestyle lets me do something of that sort.
Although, am not gonna rule that out forever. Maybe sometime in the future.

Srivats said...

with ur ex hmm thats intersting