Friday, January 12, 2007

Taam falafels

By now, the regular readers of my blog must have realized how much I like to try out different kinds of food and visiting new restaurants. The restaurant I visited recently as part of my new-year-resolution to visit-many-more-new-restaurants is called "Taam Falafels". I spotted this place quite some time ago and was dying to go there. And the day finally arrived recently and man, was I thrilled!!! :D

The restaurant is set in a quiet part of residential Koramangala. Its on the first floor in a corner building, with the front done completely in Glass. This lets in ample amount of sunlight, giving the whole place a fresh and cheerful feeling. The place is done in the shades of Yellow and Green which further add to that bright atmosphere. At tables next to the glass wall, you can enjoy your Mediterranean meal while basking in the glory of the sun on a bright sunny afternoon.

This is a completely vegetarian place. The main item in the menu is obviously Falafels, accompanied by pita breads and hummus. They did have many dishes, but the prominent items in almost all the dishes were the ones mentioned before. I ordered a "Vegetarian Platter" which consisted of eight different kinds of salads, two pita breads, two falafels, hummus, some vegetables and an assortment of 6-7 chutneys and dips. The salads and the accompanied dressings were really good. The pita bread was extremely soft and were a treat to eat. I also liked the hummus and Falafels, but since this was my first time in a Mediterranean restaurant, I cannot comment on its authenticity. But I totally enjoyed the food. In fact, I felt that the meal was quite healthy too as not much oil was used in the preparation.

Apart from the meal combinations, you can also have some individual items, pita bread sandwiches, juices, coffee, etc... Nice place I must say, but maybe a bit expensive. On considering the locality it is situated in, it seems quite obvious to be priced on the higher side. A complete meal for two may cost you about Rs. 350. A nice break from the regular grind of Roti-Curry or Rice-Dal.

Ta`am falafel, #565, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore-560034
Ph: 41469595, 41169868