Friday, April 11, 2008

Breakfast Buffet at Bossotel Inn

HOLY SHIT!!!! I have never had such an amazing breakfast buffet in my life. There was so much of variety and such yummy food. Whew!!! If we could marry a breakfast buffet, I would have then and there!!

During my recent tour to Bangkok along with Shub, Viv and Sayesha, we stayed at the Bossotel Inn. While booking, we had noticed that breakfast was included in the room rates. We had thought that it would mainly be bread, cornflakes, milk and juice. Neither of us were even remotely prepared for the variety which was available at the buffet! The weird part was it wasn't even Thai food (of which I have become a huge fan). It was plain and simple continental breakfast. All of us had eaten those items quite frequently before. But, we still drooled and hogged at the food like we hadn't eaten in days!!

Without much delay, let me present to you the items which were available for consumption -
  1. Fresh Vegetable salad with four dressings - Vinaigrette, French Vinaigrette, Cream and Thousand Island
  2. Plain fruit salad
  3. Yogurt - plain and strawberry flavoured
  4. Dried and candied fruit as topping for the yogurt
  5. Chopped almonds as topping for the yogurt
  6. Cut fruits - Pomelo, Pineapple, Papaya and MANGO!!!!
  7. Baked goodies - Butter Croissant, Danish Pastry and such stuff
  8. 4-5 varieties of bread
  9. Coconut jam, guava jam and orange marmalade
  10. Four varieties of cereal - Fruit loops, Muesli and corn flakes (plain and chocolate flavoured)
  11. Vegetables in sauce
  12. Pasta (Spaghetti and tomato sauce)
  13. Sausages
  14. Bacon
  15. Freshly prepared Omelette
  16. Grilled Vegetables
  17. Coffee, Tea and Milk (the choco-latte was very good)

I think when we saw this spread on the first day, we must have sat for atleast 2 hours at the table, eating and chit-chatting. After sometime, we were so stuffed but still couldn't help going in for another serving. During my second helping (or was it the third?), I was busy loading up my plate with some cut fruits when Shub comes to me with what looked like a cup of hot steaming tomato soup. I was quite surprised that I hadn't noticed it during my initial rounds (Yes, at a buffet I always do a survey of what all items are on offer before starting to eat). Although, I generally don't do soups at buffets, I was very much tempted to have tomato soup as it had been quite a while since I had eaten it. Although it turned out that it wasn't tomato soup, but tea. Yes, I believe some special Thai red tea. Shub, somehow didn't seem very impressed with the taste.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok and generally like a continental breakfast, I seriously suggest that you have breakfast at Bossotel Inn. The breakfast is not just for the guests staying at the hotel. I think the hotel was charging about 220 Baht for the breakfast. I say it is totally worth it.

Photos by Sayesha.