Monday, September 11, 2006


I had been planning to go to this restaurant right since it came into existence (July 2004), but ended up going only last week. Nice place I must say!! Its on two levels. You can choose to either sit inside (ground floor) or alfresco (terrace). Going by the name, the theme is of the basic five elements. Oh, btw its a continental restaurant.

They have a quite huge and interesting menu. Although I did observe that there were more non-veg dishes than vegetarian. That said, the vegetarian food was quite good. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the higest) the food can be definitely be rated between 3.5 and 3.75. We started with Cream of Mushroom soup, Spinach Fritters and Garlic Bread. The soup was lovely and the Garlic bread was amazing!!! Can't say the same about Spinach Fritters though. It was quite oily and it had a very prominent greasy after taste. Dont go by its fancy name, its basically a spinach bonda.

For the main course we had Corn and Spinach Steak, Veg Strognoff and a creamy spinach dish, whose name I forgot. All of them were really good. They have a nice collection of desserts too. I had a Lemon Cheese cake and yes, it was equally delicious as it sounds. The only catch was the quantity. The biscuit base and the cheese layers were almost of the same size as opposed to a traditional cheese cake.

Pricewise, it is definitely on the higher side. Might cost you around Rs 250-300 per person. They dont serve alcohol/cocktails. But they do have hookas available in many flavours.

Elements, #197, Nandidurg Road, Bangalore. Ph: 32904513

Friday, September 08, 2006


Its exactly one year since I started my blog and put up my first post :D Yaay!!! In the past one year, I have put up 45 posts, which comes to 3.75 posts per month. That quite pathetic. Had hoped to put up much more than that, but kya kare... Hopefully you will see my blog updated more frequently.

This reminds me of the FRIENDS episode, where Monica and Chandler are celebrating their first anniversary and monica gets them tickets to Las Vegas. She says that they can start their celebrations on the plane and can so be called as "planeversary". Haa Haa Haa.

Would love to do something similar for my "blogoversary", but due to certain constraints can't go off to Las Vegas, or for that matter even to Goa. So I thought I shall celebrate it "my" way. I will go and have some amazing Chocolate Walnut Brownies at Pizza Port in Koramangala! *drool* They are totally awesome. I had mentioned it here long ago. Anyone wants to join in the celebrations ?

Oh Yeah, the treat is on me!!