Monday, November 21, 2005


Some of my Favourite foods :-
(in no particular order)

1. Pizzas @ Pizza Hut
2. Chocolate Walnut brownies @ Pizza Port
3. Pani Puri @ Bhavani's
4. Roadside chaat at this roadside next to BHS college.
5. Rasam made at my house.
6. Salads @ Namdhari's
7. Tomato Soup @ Wang's
8. Cheese Cake
9. Burgers @ Indiana


pills said...

chinnu U rasam rice... :-o :p

boy i miss bangalore food..
mars chicken delight.

:D i love it..

shub said...

yay!! rasam rice!! fancy taht!! mr cpd and rasam!!! :-O

PizzaDude said...

@pills n @shub: He He...
I know its quite contradicting to my tastes, but surprisingly, I like having Rasam made at my house along with rice..