Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Dumb Thigs that I Do

A couple of days ago I was watching a movie on my PC. I did not realise it immediately. Instead of watching and enjoying the movie, I was more concerned that the display was not alright, there were lost of disturbances, block noises and glitches. This is what happens when u take your work too seriously. FYI, my work involves audio and video encoders and decoders and multimedia players. I guess I definitely need a break!!!!

One more dumb thing that I did today morning. I was at my desk in office. I generally keep my cell phone on the desk in front of me. One of my friends called up on my cell and we were yakking around. All of a sudden I observed that my cell phone is not on the desk and started frantically searching for it!!! I mentioned it to my friend when she reminded me that I am talking on the cell. :D This is me!! I desperately need a break. I actually cant believe that I was dumb enough to do such a thing. Thank god that the people arond did not realise it. Else I would been the laughing stock of the day!!

One more Dumb thing. This actually happened around six years ago. I was with my friend Anthil. We were driving (Anthil was driving and I was the pillion)on airport road on my Hero Puch and there is this stretch from where you could see the runway (this was six years ago). We were quite a distance from this place when I saw a plane approach for landing. I wanted to a see the plane land from a more nearby place, so I actually encouraged my friend to accelerate the hero puch!!! And my friend actually did it!! So, here we were two dudes on Hero Puch trying to race a Jumbo Jet!!! =)) Man, I have a huge smile on my face thinking about it. And of course I have to run now as Anthil will be after me for putting this stuff on the internet.

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ATG said...

I am going to murder you, one of these days....