Sunday, January 20, 2008

Read this

I can very well relate to this post. Very well written and echoes my thoughts.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Its an Italian restaurant at Vivocity, here in Singapore. Shub and I had discovered this restaurant during one of our aimless walking around in Vivocity. They had advertized themselves as serving wood fired pizzas. Somehow we were not able to go there at that time, but did end up going recently.

It is said that "The first impression is the best impression". It so holds true for this restaurant. What happened that it left such an impression on me, you ask? Let me tell you. Point by point.

1. They had a separate menu (and I might say with quite a variety of choice) for VEGETARIANS!!!! Yipppeeeee!!!!! Its not that easy to find veg food in Singapore, unless you are around Little India. We do have restaurants in other areas which cater to the vegetarian crowd, but not in abundance. Also, it was not just a couple of items. They had veg dishes in the entire range, be it Anti-pasti (Appetizer), Insalata (Salad), Zuppe (Soup), Pasta, Pizza or Dolci (Desserts). YUM!

2. The restaurant is right next to the waterfront. So you can look across the strait towards Sentosa Island while you dine (if you choose to sit out that is).

3. They were extremely fast in the service. Our food was on the table within 5 minutes of placing the order.

4. They had an actual illustration of the size of the pizza in the menu. Invariably, the pizzerias convey information in terms of size like 7", 10", etc... While this is technically correct, it is of little help to customers who are wondering how many pizzas to order. By actually showing the customer the size of the pizza (albeit by an illustration), it makes life much easier and there are less chances of the customers ordering more than they can eat.

The fourth point is my favourite! Wow! Why hadn't it occurred it to they others ??

If you live in Singapore or are visiting, do go there. You can check them out online here. Also, checkout the vegetarian menu available online.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wondering out loud

So, the other day a couple of friends of mine and I had been to the blood bank to donate blood. As part of the procedure we were supposed to answer a questionnaire which had questions about any illness, previous blood transfusion history, sex life, AIDS awareness etc, etc.. Once we complete the questionnaire, a doctor/counsellor reviews it in front of us by asking us the same question in person.

During the course of this review, the doctor/counsellor asked me if I was married. When I replied in negative, she immediately responded by saying that we could skip the section about the sex life as I was not married. I was taken a back a bit by this considering that this is Singapore (which happens to be one of the highly westernized countries in Asia).

I still wonder why! :-?

During the course of the blood donation there seemed to be some problem with my blood and it was flowing at a very slow pace I believe. Due to this and some other medical stuff which does not make sense to me, a bruise appeared at the spot where the needle was inserted. It became purple ans was slightly paining. So they gave me an ointment to apply everyday. After a couple of days I had totally forgotten about it, when I got a call from the blood bank inquiring about the bruise and if I was ok. That was so sweet of them to do that!! Had such a warm feeling after that. Its so nice of them to care so much. I'm impressed.