Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wondering out loud

So, the other day a couple of friends of mine and I had been to the blood bank to donate blood. As part of the procedure we were supposed to answer a questionnaire which had questions about any illness, previous blood transfusion history, sex life, AIDS awareness etc, etc.. Once we complete the questionnaire, a doctor/counsellor reviews it in front of us by asking us the same question in person.

During the course of this review, the doctor/counsellor asked me if I was married. When I replied in negative, she immediately responded by saying that we could skip the section about the sex life as I was not married. I was taken a back a bit by this considering that this is Singapore (which happens to be one of the highly westernized countries in Asia).

I still wonder why! :-?

During the course of the blood donation there seemed to be some problem with my blood and it was flowing at a very slow pace I believe. Due to this and some other medical stuff which does not make sense to me, a bruise appeared at the spot where the needle was inserted. It became purple ans was slightly paining. So they gave me an ointment to apply everyday. After a couple of days I had totally forgotten about it, when I got a call from the blood bank inquiring about the bruise and if I was ok. That was so sweet of them to do that!! Had such a warm feeling after that. Its so nice of them to care so much. I'm impressed.


Jnarin said...

It is surprising! Considering the way things are, pre-marital sex is no big word. It doesn't mean that if a person is unmarried, he/she has not had sex before. And considering it is Singapore, it's all the more surprising. :-)

PizzaDude said...

Tell me about it!!!

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Srivats said...

May be your face looked so innocent that they decided you would have never. LOL :P

I didnot do the blood donation here because of too many questions to fill up and u would be fined if you held responsible for incorrect answer (!?)