Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Classic Phoebe Quotes

1. Phoebe Buffay ??? Fire Alarm ????
2. Phoebe: "I am realy sorry about before. Do you have anything worth 10 dollars over here ?"
Shopkeeper: "I actually have these two crisp 5 dollar notes"
Phoebe: "I will give you one dollar for them".
3. We need more bandages!!! Bandages !! Bandages!!!
4. Smelly cat, Smelly cat!!!

Can u tell when she said the above dialouges ???

Monday, December 05, 2005

Do you Know ?

How many of you out there know what "Kaleidoscopic Cerebrations" mean ?
And no looking up the dictionary/thesaurus.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What the Hell !!!

I sometimes seriously wonder if people have nothing better to do. I saw this scene on my way to office today morn. There was this problem/fight between two people on the road i guess. The police had come down and were talking with the people involved. There was a crowd of around 50 people around them who were standing and watching the fun, blocking around 30 percent of the road. Apart from that, there were these people on two-wheelers who had actually stopped their vehicles mid way on the road and wondering what was going on, blocking another 30 percent of the road and also the traffic. What the hell!!!! Its bloody so irritating. Why cant people mind their own business. And its not like it was an accident or something. The police were already there and investigation. I have observed this behavour so many times. People seriously need to grow up and start minding their own business. I dont think that either of the people who were watching the "tamasha" actually cared.

I also get seriously pissed when people stop their vehicles mid way on the road and start fighting because one of them banged into the other. Go to the side and fight all you want!!! Dont do it in the middle of the road and block the traffic behind you. Dunno when people are going to learn. X-(

After I came to office, I had called up one of my friends, a Ms D and was full time cribbing to her about this. She on the otherhand was full time cribbing about her problems. I was wondering, that all of us have some thing or the other to crib about..

What a Meal!!

I had been to my house of worship on sunday afternoon for lunch..:D Yes!!! U guessed it right.. Pizza Hut!!!! I was so hungry by the time we went there, I hogged like a pig. This is what I had...
1) 3 slices of garlic Bread
2) 1 whole plate of Pasta Arabiatta
3) 2.5 slices of some yummy pizza
4) 2 huge slices of white forest pastry
5) One glass of lemonade..


Felt like a king after lunch that day. I was so satisfied. Man!! I dont think I have ever felt so satisfied in my entire life.