Thursday, December 01, 2005

What a Meal!!

I had been to my house of worship on sunday afternoon for lunch..:D Yes!!! U guessed it right.. Pizza Hut!!!! I was so hungry by the time we went there, I hogged like a pig. This is what I had...
1) 3 slices of garlic Bread
2) 1 whole plate of Pasta Arabiatta
3) 2.5 slices of some yummy pizza
4) 2 huge slices of white forest pastry
5) One glass of lemonade..


Felt like a king after lunch that day. I was so satisfied. Man!! I dont think I have ever felt so satisfied in my entire life.


shub said...

we were jus watching friends da...was thinking of ya!

ATG said...

I now know why there are a lot of people starving in our country. U are a collosal waste to the country... lol
Just kidding, enjoy madi.