Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Classic Phoebe Quotes

1. Phoebe Buffay ??? Fire Alarm ????
2. Phoebe: "I am realy sorry about before. Do you have anything worth 10 dollars over here ?"
Shopkeeper: "I actually have these two crisp 5 dollar notes"
Phoebe: "I will give you one dollar for them".
3. We need more bandages!!! Bandages !! Bandages!!!
4. Smelly cat, Smelly cat!!!

Can u tell when she said the above dialouges ???

Monday, December 05, 2005

Do you Know ?

How many of you out there know what "Kaleidoscopic Cerebrations" mean ?
And no looking up the dictionary/thesaurus.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

What the Hell !!!

I sometimes seriously wonder if people have nothing better to do. I saw this scene on my way to office today morn. There was this problem/fight between two people on the road i guess. The police had come down and were talking with the people involved. There was a crowd of around 50 people around them who were standing and watching the fun, blocking around 30 percent of the road. Apart from that, there were these people on two-wheelers who had actually stopped their vehicles mid way on the road and wondering what was going on, blocking another 30 percent of the road and also the traffic. What the hell!!!! Its bloody so irritating. Why cant people mind their own business. And its not like it was an accident or something. The police were already there and investigation. I have observed this behavour so many times. People seriously need to grow up and start minding their own business. I dont think that either of the people who were watching the "tamasha" actually cared.

I also get seriously pissed when people stop their vehicles mid way on the road and start fighting because one of them banged into the other. Go to the side and fight all you want!!! Dont do it in the middle of the road and block the traffic behind you. Dunno when people are going to learn. X-(

After I came to office, I had called up one of my friends, a Ms D and was full time cribbing to her about this. She on the otherhand was full time cribbing about her problems. I was wondering, that all of us have some thing or the other to crib about..

What a Meal!!

I had been to my house of worship on sunday afternoon for lunch..:D Yes!!! U guessed it right.. Pizza Hut!!!! I was so hungry by the time we went there, I hogged like a pig. This is what I had...
1) 3 slices of garlic Bread
2) 1 whole plate of Pasta Arabiatta
3) 2.5 slices of some yummy pizza
4) 2 huge slices of white forest pastry
5) One glass of lemonade..


Felt like a king after lunch that day. I was so satisfied. Man!! I dont think I have ever felt so satisfied in my entire life.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

An Encounter

I had a kinda wierd experience while coming to office a couple of months ago in the morning. Now that i think of it, feel like rolling on the ground with laughter.. Anywayz here's wt hpnd ---

I ws on my way to office on my faithful activa.... was about 300 metres from office, when i saw this string on the vehicle left handle(near the brake).... it looked like a shoe lace... I ws like, “how the hell did a shoe lace come there”... I then observed that the “shoe lace” tapered towards the end... now that’s kinda weird.... all this was while I ws still driving... I then observed that the string started to move and ws quite sure that it was not because of the wind.... Well.. the string turned out to be........ “A Rat’s Tail”, Yikeeeeeeeeeessss!!!!! God knows how it got into my vehicle... I then had to drive for another 300 metres with the tail hanging from the handle( the rat ws inside the handle).... parked my vehicle in the parking lot, rushed to the loo n washed my hands thoroughly with soap n water.. phew!!!!.... In a way I am glad that I did not notice the tail earlier.. U ask why ? cause, in case I did, I would have to drive all the way to office with the rat in my vehicle n it tail hanging or I would have to stop the vehicle, pull the rat out with its tail (wooaaak!!! >:p)

Monday, November 21, 2005


I was reading the blog archives of one of my friends and came across this. Chk it out


Some of my Favourite foods :-
(in no particular order)

1. Pizzas @ Pizza Hut
2. Chocolate Walnut brownies @ Pizza Port
3. Pani Puri @ Bhavani's
4. Roadside chaat at this roadside next to BHS college.
5. Rasam made at my house.
6. Salads @ Namdhari's
7. Tomato Soup @ Wang's
8. Cheese Cake
9. Burgers @ Indiana

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Dumb Thigs that I Do

A couple of days ago I was watching a movie on my PC. I did not realise it immediately. Instead of watching and enjoying the movie, I was more concerned that the display was not alright, there were lost of disturbances, block noises and glitches. This is what happens when u take your work too seriously. FYI, my work involves audio and video encoders and decoders and multimedia players. I guess I definitely need a break!!!!

One more dumb thing that I did today morning. I was at my desk in office. I generally keep my cell phone on the desk in front of me. One of my friends called up on my cell and we were yakking around. All of a sudden I observed that my cell phone is not on the desk and started frantically searching for it!!! I mentioned it to my friend when she reminded me that I am talking on the cell. :D This is me!! I desperately need a break. I actually cant believe that I was dumb enough to do such a thing. Thank god that the people arond did not realise it. Else I would been the laughing stock of the day!!

One more Dumb thing. This actually happened around six years ago. I was with my friend Anthil. We were driving (Anthil was driving and I was the pillion)on airport road on my Hero Puch and there is this stretch from where you could see the runway (this was six years ago). We were quite a distance from this place when I saw a plane approach for landing. I wanted to a see the plane land from a more nearby place, so I actually encouraged my friend to accelerate the hero puch!!! And my friend actually did it!! So, here we were two dudes on Hero Puch trying to race a Jumbo Jet!!! =)) Man, I have a huge smile on my face thinking about it. And of course I have to run now as Anthil will be after me for putting this stuff on the internet.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The four years I have spent during engineering at college have been awesome. Did total masti, met lots of people, made some very good friends, freaked out and studied a bit too.

In the first semester, we did not have a gang. It was just me and one more friend of mine with whom I used to hang around in college. Only in second semester did we form a huge gang (about 10 of us). It was great fun then onwards.

Once we shifted to our department from third semester onwards, we kind of got to know the lecturers also quite well apart from my other classmates. One special reference to one lecturer. Lets call her Ms A. What was funny about her was that she used to append the word "tum" to almost any noun she pronounced. So, a capacitor became capacitum, a voltmeter became voltmetum, motor became motum, generator became generatum and so on.... We could not even laugh out in front of her (it was tough to maintain proper composure after hearing these words). Luckily she did not do that to our names.

Most of the masti was from the second to fifth semesters. From the sixth semester, all of us became quite serious about about respective projects and placements. So, the masti was quite limited.

We are having a class reunion on the coming weekend. Will be meeting many of my friends and classmates whom I have not met in quite some time. Looking forward to meet them all.

Me toh full nostalgic right now.

Monday, November 07, 2005

OMG !!!!!

During our regular after-lunch walk today afternoon, one of our colleagues was telling us about the "conditions" the schools impose before they admit students. I was shocked on hearing some these "rules" and also on the amount charged for admission.

Sample this rule : "Both the parents are supposed to speak fluent english and they are supposed to have a minimum of one car". These rules just dont make any sense. I can relate to rules which say that the parents should have atleast completed their matriculation or should have minimum education. But these rules, its pure nonsense. Schools are supposed to teach students to stop discrimination. Instead, they themselves discriminate among prospective students on the basis of financial and social status. They are being such hypocrites.

Where is all this heading to ?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I must say that F.R.I.E.N.D.S was one of the greatest shows of all times. I am sure that zillions of people around the world will agree with me on this. It still makes me laugh after so many years and even after knowing the dialogues soo well... Just pure fun and entertainment. I must have seen each episode more than a couple of times. A nice way to relax after a hectic day at office. Hats of to the cast and crew of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for making such an amazing show and of course Thanks to my friend Ms G, because of whom I started watching it.

My Favourite characters are by no doubt Phoebe and Joey.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Food and Concentration

It was a typical day at work. I was concentrating and working hard on the assignment given to me. All of a sudden I receive this mail from a friend which threw my concentration to dogs....

The mail contained some awesome photos of some mouth watering desserts, mostly cheese cakes, one of my all time favourites.

How does anyone expect me not to be distracted after seeing many more of these kind of photos ? And the worst part is, I have no idea where these are available in Bangalore. Plain cheese cakes are available at many bakeries, but not like the ones whose photos were in the mail. Waaaaahh!!!

Does anyone know where these kind of desserts are available in Bangalore ? Let me know. You will be blessed!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Back in Action

After two weeks of a hectic work life (in all probability a few more weeks of it), I am back on the blog-o-sphere :D

I have hardly exposed myself to the sun in the past couple of weeks. This I realized a couple of days ago.. I had gone for a haircut. The barber on seeing my receeding hairline and hair loss suggested that I use a particular brand of oil to stimulate hair growth. He also told me to use it on my head when I go out, as the hair oil supposedly works effectively only when sunlight falls on the oiled hair. So, on my way back from the salon, I was wondering when does sunlight ever fall on my head ? During the weekdays, on my way to the office ? No, as I wear a helmet while driving. On my way back home ? Nopes, as its way after sunset. During weekends ? I highy doubt that, as I am not an early riser and would like to go real slow during the weekend. So, by the time I feel like getting out of the house on weekends, its already evening. So, there is hardly any chance of sunlight falling on my head even then... The only time I can think of is when I go for a walk after lunch during weekdays. But, that's hardly for around 20-25 minutes and its mostly in shade.. Man!!! I should start exposing myself to sunlight more frequently.


On of the best drive I went on was some time in March. Two of my friends and myself had gone on a three day vacation in my friends car. Our last leg of the journey was from Mangalore to Bangalore, a distance of about 350 Kms out of which about 100 Kms is in the western ghats. The road is very good though. But the speed is limited in the ghats for obvious reasons. Inspite of these obstacles, we covered the entire distance in 5.5 hours flat!!! The Bus takes 8 hours. Ofcourse, once we entered Bangalore city limits we were slowed down by the heavy traffic. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Hats off to my friend Anthil or should I say Driver :)), who drove us back. Man, that was an amazing drive, especially through the ghats!!


Monday, September 12, 2005

Change is the name of the Game

Its been two years since I have finished my engineering. And man, how the things have changed since. From a fresher to a guy with two years on experience. Two whole years!!! It seems like all this happened a couple of months ago. In the course of these two years I have met so many new people.. Some of who remain as acquaintances and some who have become extremely close friends. Whatever be the case, I have had a ball of a time in the last two years..

A few of my close friends have moved away from Bangalore recently. Miss them very much... Pills, Shub and Danny, Wish you guys were here..


Had an amazing weekend in terms of eating.. Had gone to this place "Smoking Joe's Pizza". Never been there b4. The pizza was quite good. The cheese seemed little old though. The chocolate brownie was good too... Yummy.. Had also been to "Indiana" and had an amazing "veggie burger" with some sweet tasting mayonnaise.. Shub, I am sure you would have loved it. .. That was the best burger I have eaten till now.. And ofcourse, also had some indian food.. Yummy pani puri and rossogulla.. All of them not on the same day.. although dont be surprised if I did :D

Thursday, September 08, 2005

After lots of inspiration from my friends, atlast I created my blog. Yay!! Hmmm... I dont know what to write in my first blog.. "Writers Block" u see.. ;)
I was wondering what title I should give to my first blog. Title "My First Blog" seemed very very common. So thought I would give it a title of "Debut".
I am total foodie.. Absolutely love pizzas.. Hence the name "PizzaDude" :D. U will find lots of mention about food in my blog.. Food really turns me on, especially if its some exotic food. But as I am a veggie, I guess my options are quite limited. But i do enjoy a lot of what's available.
Well, there i go.. Talk about food and it goes on and on.. Just thought about zillion things about food on which I can Blog. Well, will save them for future blogs.