Monday, September 26, 2005

Back in Action

After two weeks of a hectic work life (in all probability a few more weeks of it), I am back on the blog-o-sphere :D

I have hardly exposed myself to the sun in the past couple of weeks. This I realized a couple of days ago.. I had gone for a haircut. The barber on seeing my receeding hairline and hair loss suggested that I use a particular brand of oil to stimulate hair growth. He also told me to use it on my head when I go out, as the hair oil supposedly works effectively only when sunlight falls on the oiled hair. So, on my way back from the salon, I was wondering when does sunlight ever fall on my head ? During the weekdays, on my way to the office ? No, as I wear a helmet while driving. On my way back home ? Nopes, as its way after sunset. During weekends ? I highy doubt that, as I am not an early riser and would like to go real slow during the weekend. So, by the time I feel like getting out of the house on weekends, its already evening. So, there is hardly any chance of sunlight falling on my head even then... The only time I can think of is when I go for a walk after lunch during weekdays. But, that's hardly for around 20-25 minutes and its mostly in shade.. Man!!! I should start exposing myself to sunlight more frequently.


On of the best drive I went on was some time in March. Two of my friends and myself had gone on a three day vacation in my friends car. Our last leg of the journey was from Mangalore to Bangalore, a distance of about 350 Kms out of which about 100 Kms is in the western ghats. The road is very good though. But the speed is limited in the ghats for obvious reasons. Inspite of these obstacles, we covered the entire distance in 5.5 hours flat!!! The Bus takes 8 hours. Ofcourse, once we entered Bangalore city limits we were slowed down by the heavy traffic. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Hats off to my friend Anthil or should I say Driver :)), who drove us back. Man, that was an amazing drive, especially through the ghats!!


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ATG said...

Did you have to expose my name. Now, I believe Ferrari is trying to track me down to replace Schumi.... lol