Monday, September 12, 2005

Change is the name of the Game

Its been two years since I have finished my engineering. And man, how the things have changed since. From a fresher to a guy with two years on experience. Two whole years!!! It seems like all this happened a couple of months ago. In the course of these two years I have met so many new people.. Some of who remain as acquaintances and some who have become extremely close friends. Whatever be the case, I have had a ball of a time in the last two years..

A few of my close friends have moved away from Bangalore recently. Miss them very much... Pills, Shub and Danny, Wish you guys were here..


Had an amazing weekend in terms of eating.. Had gone to this place "Smoking Joe's Pizza". Never been there b4. The pizza was quite good. The cheese seemed little old though. The chocolate brownie was good too... Yummy.. Had also been to "Indiana" and had an amazing "veggie burger" with some sweet tasting mayonnaise.. Shub, I am sure you would have loved it. .. That was the best burger I have eaten till now.. And ofcourse, also had some indian food.. Yummy pani puri and rossogulla.. All of them not on the same day.. although dont be surprised if I did :D


Anonymous said...
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shub said...

yeah i told ya!! indiana makes the best burgers!! the mayo is yummmmmmmmmm! :)

CPD...miss u too da >:D< my partner in foodie crime:p

pills said...

hellow cpd - the fourth floor king ;)

yah 2 yrs just flew like that.. glad i took a decision to take up the job after my btech. i was able to meet u all... >:D<

take care boy...
i can smell the champagne on surathkal beach now
sp btech iitm B-)