Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Answering the Call

I was in the restroom at office, when I heard a cellphone ring. I started to wonder who this bloke was who carried his cellphone into a stall inside the loo. I did not have to wonder much, as he answered the phone call and I immediately recognized him by his voice.

How can someone talk on the phone while taking care of their "business" ? Answering both the nature and telephone call at the same time is so wierd. Imagine the reaction of the person on the other end of the line if he/she realises it! Yuck! If it were me at the other end, I would be completely grossed out and would disconnect the call immediately.

Now, don't tell me that there aren't any chances of the person on the other end of the line realizing it. If a cellphone can transmit voices, it can very well transmit other sounds too, duh! Thank God, that a cell phone cannot transmit smells!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Anisuthide Yaako Indu - Translation

A look at the hit counters on my blog made me realize the amount of people who are searching for a Kannada to English translation of the song "Anisuthide Yaako Indu" from the Kannada movie Mungaaru MaLe. So, here is an attempt to translate the song to English. But, I would like to mention that the essence of the original song is not there in the translated version.

This translation is specifically dedicated to that one particular soul who googled for "May I get the english translation of Anisuthide". Never before have I heard of anyone being so polite to a search engine :))

Anisuthide yaako indu, neenenay nannavaLendu
maayada lokadinda, nanagaagi bandavaLendu
Aaaha yentha madhuraa yaathane
kollu hudugi ommay nanna, haagay summanay

There is a feeling at this instant, which makes me wonder, whether are you the one for me ?
Are you the one, who has descended from the land of illusion just for me?
Oh! It is such a pleasurable sensation.
Come on girl, let me be in this feeling forever.

Suriyuva soneyu suuside ninnaday parimaLa
Inyaara kanasalu, neenu hoedaray taLamaLa
PoorNa chandira rajaa haakida ninneya mogavanu kanDa kshaNa
naa khydi neene seremanay
tappi nanna appiko ommay, haagay summanay
Anisuthide yaako indu........

This drizzle is dripping with your fragrance.
Your presence in someone else's dream makes me very restless
The full moon went on a holiday after setting sight on you face
Girl, I am the prisoner in the prison of your love
Give me a hug atleast once, just like that.

TutigaLa hoovali, aaDada maatina sihiyide
manasina puTadali kevala ninnaday sahi ide
haNeyali bareyada ninna hesara hrudayadi naane korediruvay
ninagunTe idara kalpanay ?
nanna hesara koogay ommay haagay summanay

There is the sweetness of the unspoken words on your soft lips
My mind/heart is filled with you
Although you are not in my destiny, I have carved your name in my heart/mind
Oh Girl, are you aware of this ?
Call out my name atleast once, Just like that!

Anisuthide yaako indu, neenene nannavaLendu
maayada lokadinda, nanagaagi bandavaLendu
aaaha yentha madhuraa yaathane
kollu hudugi omme nanna haagay summanay

There is a feeling at this instant, which makes me wonder whether are you the one for me ?
Are you the one who has descended from the land of illusion just for ?
Oh! It is such a pleasurable sensation.
Come on girl, let me be forever in this feeling.

As I mentioned before, the translated version does not have the essence of the original. You must know kannada to completely understand the essence and to feel the soul of this song. The best part about the song is its simplicity and straight from the heart feeling. Hats off to the lyricist, Jayanth Kaykani for coming up with this awesome song, the music director, Mano Murthy for composing the music and the playback singer, Sonu Nigam for rendering it in such a way that it conveys the emotion behind it extremely well!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Local Exotic Sweet

The title sounds contradictory, doesn't it ? But, by the end of the post you will understand.

I am talking about a sweet called as "GiNNu" in kannada. It is one among my favourite sweets and it is made from cow's milk. But, it cannot be made from milk that is got everyday. The milk has to be obtained from the cow just after it has given birth to a calf. Only the milk got in the first two/three milkings will be suitable to make GiNNu. I am not sure why, but I am guessing that it has got something to do with the consistency of the milk.

You can call it a local sweet because apparently not many people have heard about it. Many of my friends (from different parts of India) at work did not know that something of this sort existed. Hardly one or two among my friends knew about it. It can also be called as exotic as it is not available at any sweet shop because, the main ingredient is not readily available. Its not like a Gulab Jamun or a Jalebi that I can purchase and eat whenever I want. Infact, I have eaten it just twice in my entire life - the first time being about 14 years back and the second time being today. I had gone for the house warming ceremony of a colleague and it was served there. I was extremely surprised to see it there. I am still quite shocked as to how the catering agency managed to procure enough numbers of it to serve to around 50+ people.

Ginnu looks like a cream coloured jelly and has the same consistency but it is not translucent as a jelly generally is. It is made by mixing the milk with sugar and cooking it in a pressure cooker and then flavouring it with elaichi. I am guessing it can be made is some other ways too, but this is the only one I am aware of. It tastes very much like thickened sweetened milk and just melts in your mouth.

Do try it out, if you do get an oppourtunity. Regarding its availability, ask those people who have cows in their house. They might be able to provide you with the sweet. But do keep in mind that by using that milk for making a sweet, you are denying the newborn calf its food.