Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Answering the Call

I was in the restroom at office, when I heard a cellphone ring. I started to wonder who this bloke was who carried his cellphone into a stall inside the loo. I did not have to wonder much, as he answered the phone call and I immediately recognized him by his voice.

How can someone talk on the phone while taking care of their "business" ? Answering both the nature and telephone call at the same time is so wierd. Imagine the reaction of the person on the other end of the line if he/she realises it! Yuck! If it were me at the other end, I would be completely grossed out and would disconnect the call immediately.

Now, don't tell me that there aren't any chances of the person on the other end of the line realizing it. If a cellphone can transmit voices, it can very well transmit other sounds too, duh! Thank God, that a cell phone cannot transmit smells!


Jnarin said...

God! I can't believe these people. I've read about so many people who've lost business deals 'coz they answered phones when in the loo.

I wonder when they will learn.

I'd never want to be on the other side of the phone when someone's in the loo..

that girl in pink said...

he he! imagine what'll happen when video phone become the norm?

dannyboy said...

trust me its probably much better when it's behind the door... i've seen guys struggle to pick phones from their pockets while they stand in front of a urinal... and still trying to maintain a constant direction of fire!!
disgusting... feel like say hey Mr. how much would it cost u to call back?!

PizzaDude said...

//people who've lost business deals 'coz they answered phones when in the loo
I guess it serves them right!

@that girl in pink:
Haa Haa. I can imagine the scenario and the look on the caller's face when the recipient answers a video phone in the loo.

Yikes! Now I will have to think twice if by any chance I have to borrow a cellphone from one such bloke.

Pixie said...

I've seen (actually heard!) girls continue to talk when they are umm.. er.. going abt their business at work so many times!! it's disgusting!

Tagged you :)

Sudeendra said...

Smell is something that seems to be totally neglected by Engineers/Researchers. Cellphone must transmit even smells. Only then such ppl will learn:-))!!!

PizzaDude said...

Err.. even girls do so ?? I thought it was just the guys.

Dude... I don't understand!!
If cellphones did transmit smells, how will a person who has received a call in the loo learn a lesson ? For all I know, he does not care.

Pills said...

ya boy that needs total multitasking skill... junta even write emails from their blackberries this way...
with more and more things packed in day everything seems to work out in parallel..

PizzaDude said...

People write mails in the loo ? :O :O :O
I don't understand it at all!! At least do your "business" in peace.

Sayesha said...

Totally agree! Yikes! :O