Saturday, February 09, 2008


Marché is a restaurant in Singapore which has a local Swiss market theme. Its a lovely place and is the first time I am seeing something of this sort. Thanks to her for introducing me to this place.

The entire restaurant comprises of many stalls which are selling different types of typical Swiss food. They have bakery items, salad bar, Crepes, Pasta, Rösti, soup, drinks and lots of other things whose names I don't remembers. Even the waitresses are dressed like typical Swiss villagers. As soon as we enter the restaurant, the person at the counter gives a card to every one. Any purchases made from the different stalls are directly billed to the card. When we leave the restaurant, the card has to be surrendered and the amount billed to the card has to be paid. No hassles of paying separately at each counter. I felt it was a lovely concept. Must make a note of this.

The restaurant was so colourful and had ample amount of sunlight streaming in through its glass walled exteriors. Eating in this kind of atmosphere makes me feel very energized and not just because of the food. Its like a reassurance that I am eating food made from the freshest of ingredients. When I was in India and used to see food related shows, the cook used to always exclaim about using the freshest of fruits and vegetables. Some shows even used to show the cook/host going fruit/vegetable shopping to the local farmers market. I used to wonder, what the fuss was all about. Why all this fuss about fresh ingredients? Come on, we used to have fresh fruits and vegetables being sold almost everywhere, even on carts in front if our houses. After coming to Singapore, I can understand the "fuss" about buying fresh fruits and vegetables. Now, don't get me wrong. I am not telling that we get stale items at shops/supermarkets over here. Almost everything is imported. So the chances are very high that the fruits and vegetables that we pick may not have been plucked a couple of days back.

Anyway, where were we ? Oh rite, Marché. I started my lunch with a hot cross bun and a mango-strawberry smoothie. I finally ate a hot cross bun. Does anyone remember the nursery rhyme - Hot Cross Buns ?? I used to always wonder what it was and where it was available in India. Someow I forgot about it after nursery. I remembered it only when I saw it at Marché. It was so soft to eat with a slight sweet taste. Shub got a salad and a Rösti along with some sour cream. The Rösti tasted quite ok. It was made of shredded boiled potatoes roasted in a shallow pan. I am not a huge fan of potatoes. So the dish did not have a big impact on me. The salad was yummy though.

For the main course, I had a banana-mango Crêpe. It was amazing to watch the assistant prepare the Crêpe. She first poured some batter on a huge heated flat plate and then spread it using a T shaped instrument. She just placed the T shaped instrument on the batter and just rotated it few times. The result - an evenly spread out pancake. She then proceeded to put some chopped bananas and mangoes on the crêpe (just like the way the potato-onion palya is placed on a masala dosa) and folded the crêpe like a cone and gave it to me. I poured ample amount of chocolate sauce and a white coloured sauce (whose name I forgot) on it and sprinkled a generous helping of some raw sugar. came back to my seat with a cat-who-just-ate-the-cream expression. Heh! It tasted absolutely lovely but was quite messy to eat.

In the end, I was totally bowled over by the place. The best part was that it did not turn out to be very expensive. Will definitely go there again. Mr. HDS, you will totally love this place. A good reason for you to come to Singapore :P

Marché Restaurant, Level 3, Vivocity, Singapore.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Regularly Spoken

1. Oh my god! :O
2. Holy cow!
3. Yaaay!!!
4. What the .. ???
5. Holy cow!!
6. Hees :D
7. :)
8. Holy cow!!!
9. Shit!
10. Dudes...
11. I'm so bored.
12. I am hungry.
13. Holy cow!
14. Chalo, lets go.
15. Awesome!