Friday, February 23, 2007

Mungaaru MaLe

Finally!!! A decent kannada movie with dignified kannada being spoken!

I had heard a lot about this movie and watched it on tuesday evening. Its a simple love story with just the right amount of characters. No extra characters in the movie for the purpose of comedy. The photography(or is it cinematography ?) is amazing! Very scenic locations, all within Karnataka. No songs or sequences being shot abroad. The best part of the movie for me was the way in which Kannada was spoken. It was so dignified and cultured. Generally, among the kannada movies being released of late, the style in which the language is spoken is so crass and pathetic. It actually hurts me to hear my language being spoken that way. In this aspect, this movie delighted me to the core. Would definitely love to watch the movie again to hear such nice kannada :)

Mungaaru MaLe means "pre-monsoon rains". The entire story takes place over a period of 8-9 days in the pre-monsoon season. Set mainly is Madikeri, the story revolves around Pritham (played by Ganesh) and his love for Nandini (played by Sanjana). It has just the right amount of emotional drama without being over dramatic/melodramatic.

The scenic locations and cinematography are the things to lookout for. Truly spectacular. The music is also very good. The songs and the lyrics are straight from the heart and describes the feelings very very well. Must hear songs are "Anisuthide Yaako Indu", "Onde Ondu Saari" and "Kunidu Kunidu Baare".

Go watch the movie if you are a ardent kannada movie fan. It is a breath of fresh air amongst the typical remakes and gangster movies.


shub said...

Hey that's the third time someone's mentioned the movie to me in the last week....not bad eh? :)
Heroine's name is Sanjana? Aaha! That's why you went to watch it in the first place! :D

Lotus Reads said...

Oooooh, thank you for the recommendation...have been looking for a nice Kannada movie to watch. Now, keeping my fingers crossed I can get the DVD here in Toronto!

Sudeendra said...

Shub, Do u know any place in Singapore where we can get kannada movie CDs/DVDs?

PizzaDude said...

You should watch the movie sometime.
I am amazed at your memory. You still remember my 'Sanjana' fixation ;)

@Lotus Reads:
Hey!! Welcome :D
Do watch the movie sometime and let me know how you feel about it :) Btw, you can order kannada movie DVD/VCD's online at


Smi said...

I've heard every single Kannada movie buff worth his salt, recco this movie to me, but sadly enough, not been able to manage a ticket at PVR so far! :(
But u're right, the songs are a whiff of fresh air- a refreshing change from the "hodi maga hodi maga" kinda music!

PizzaDude said...

Do watch it soon. Would like to hear your views on the same :)

Anonymous said...

Really inspired to watch this now - even if it is SO late.

Thank you yet again.

Anonymous said...

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