Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The four years I have spent during engineering at college have been awesome. Did total masti, met lots of people, made some very good friends, freaked out and studied a bit too.

In the first semester, we did not have a gang. It was just me and one more friend of mine with whom I used to hang around in college. Only in second semester did we form a huge gang (about 10 of us). It was great fun then onwards.

Once we shifted to our department from third semester onwards, we kind of got to know the lecturers also quite well apart from my other classmates. One special reference to one lecturer. Lets call her Ms A. What was funny about her was that she used to append the word "tum" to almost any noun she pronounced. So, a capacitor became capacitum, a voltmeter became voltmetum, motor became motum, generator became generatum and so on.... We could not even laugh out in front of her (it was tough to maintain proper composure after hearing these words). Luckily she did not do that to our names.

Most of the masti was from the second to fifth semesters. From the sixth semester, all of us became quite serious about about respective projects and placements. So, the masti was quite limited.

We are having a class reunion on the coming weekend. Will be meeting many of my friends and classmates whom I have not met in quite some time. Looking forward to meet them all.

Me toh full nostalgic right now.


Anonymous said...

cool maga...let us know how it went :)
hope u discover some hiding-behind-theglasses-nerdy-female-turned bombshell-miraculously

pills said...

hellow pizza dudeum oops ..
feels like singing "purani jeans aur guitar.." after reading this. :)