Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Travel Chronicles - 2

Mt. Abu fell very much short of our expectations. Places in south like Agumbe and Ooty are much better in terms of views and stuff. It was very chilly in the nights. We were there for two days in Mt. Abu. Saw places which are part of the itenary of a regular tourist like some view point, temples, sunset point, the Nakki Lake. The place has become very commercialized. Infact, there is a Coffe Day Cafe over there.

Have any of you experienced chill and warmth at the same time ? It was an amazing feeling, feeling cold and warmth at the same time. Its like having cold vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate sauce. The only diff being, in the latter only your mouth gets to experience the contrasting temperatures but in the former its your entire body which get to experience the contrasting temperatures.

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ATG said...

Ur desciptions are so edible :-))