Thursday, March 02, 2006


There is this sweet frined of mine, Ms. D, who happened to get married to another friend of mine, Mr. S recently (A love marriage obviously). What I find really sweet about her is the fact that even after all these years, she still blushes when we tease her with him. It so amusing :D. U should have seen face during her marriage... Totally pink... she was blushing big time....Very Very Cute.. :)

Keep it up Yaar!!! I hope the blush still remains in your face when u guys celebrate ur 50th wedding anniversary.


Ramya said...

can't beleive i missed all the teasing and seeing "miss.d" as you call her blush!!:))

PizzaDude said...

@ramya : You totally missed it... Great fun it was. After the ceremony, all we had to do was look at her and smile. She would start blushing big time.