Thursday, June 22, 2006

Food Cravings

Of late, I have developed a craving for a food which is currently not in my reach :(( and that happens to be the food that was served on Singapore Airlines... Contrary to what many people tell about airline food, I totally enjoyed the food that was served on Singapore airlines during my recent travel with them. On the return journey, I fell asleep, due to which I was not able to have the food. And now I have developed a craving for that food..... Not only was the food great on the flight, but even the way it was served was also very appealing.. It was so neatly arranged... and ofcourse, no coments on the person who served it ;)

What do I do ????? How do I satisfy my craving ???

Ofcourse, I cant go ahead with the simplest solution of them all, i.e., travel on singapore airlines to have the food :D, cos u have to pay for the tickets and its not like its 100 bucks!!


shub said...

you're MAD!!! unbelievable!!!! shall ask someone to pack some for ya! its new heights even by your standards!

PizzaDude said...

@shub: Thnx!! I shall take it as a compliment :D