Monday, July 10, 2006

Overcoming Laziness to Blog

Off late, I have been so lazy to blog..... Dunno why.... When I feel like blogging about something, I dont have an access to a computer.. and by the time I get to one, I would have lost all the enthusiasm to compose the post and blog it!!

Why the hell I have become such a sloth!!! Very Very Bad.....

So, today I overcame that laziness and put up a post!!!

*Pat myself of the back* :D

I have been following up on other blogs very faithfully though. Since last week, the blog that has got me hooked is Sayesha's blog.. Have been reading up the archives and comments and having a total blast!!!

And now I have to think of a title for my post... Dear God!!! I find it very very hard to come up with a decent title (maybe another reason why I feel lazy to put up a post).


Sayesha said...

Aha! Found ya! ;)

PizzaDude said...

@sayesha: Hee Hee.. Welcome!!

Amaunet said...

i so agree with u chin..
I usually think up of something nice during my travel to work, which is almost 3 hrs a day ;-(
and by the time i get back to actually writing abt too lazy to get it done..

PizzaDude said...

@amaunet: >:D< We so think alike in some aspects!!