Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hee Hee

Got this in a forward.

I can so empathise with this guy!


Jnarin said...

There was an entire set of these -
1. "Find x" problem with a right-angled triangle. The person circled the "x" in the diagram and wrote "Here it is".
2. Calculation of some parameter (force, I guess) when a object of specified mass hits a spring. The kid drew an elephant in the middle, and mentioned since there is an elephant, the object will never hit the spring. :-)

Pixie said...

This is a really old one - but it just makes one laugh each time you see it/read it! :-)

shub said...

Yo! Update I say!

Pills said...

this one rocks bey...
the last square root where he hangs himself.. ha ha ha ha

PizzaDude said...

Yes. Hilarious ones they were :D


I do admire your timely reminders :D

I know!!!