Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just Wondering

Of late I have started to wonder, if we get along great with a friend of ours and have similar tastes and interests, should we start considering this person as someone more than a friend ? You know, like a possibility of having a romantic relationship with them. At least this is what certain friends of mine have conveyed to me. While many have been teasing me about it, one of them actually sat me down and asked me to seriously consider the girl in question as a prospective life partner.

I don't understand one thing. Just because we get along quite well and have similar tastes and interests, why should we immediately start thinking about starting a romantic relationship with other? I mean, come-on isn't there something called as being good friends?
Can't two people of opposite sex who have similar tastes and interests, be just good friends and remain as that? Why should every great non-romantic friendship be thought up as a romantic relationship down the line? It invariably happens that way. It makes me wonder - Don't we want to have friends who like to do the same things as us? Just because the said friend is of an opposite sex, why should they be considered as prospective date?

Neither Bollywood or Hollywood seems to believe so :)


Swaroop said...

Yeah, I agree. It's perfectly possible to have a platonic relationship. People just don't seem to get it :)

Possibly because such relationships are rare?

Me said...

pl pl don't even think about converting this plactonic relationship into something else specially bec others tell u so...others surely have ur best interest in mind but most of the times it just leads to disaster...

jnarin said...

"Neither Bollywood or Hollywood seems to believe so :)" - And so our brains are tuned that way. :-)

PizzaDude said...

You are right! Such friendships are very rare. I can hardly think of people I know who share such kind of friendship. As far as I have seen, love has always come in between (at least one way).

Hey! Welcome here :) Yeah, I have realised that there is no point in doing something just because others feel its the right thing to do.

Can't help it man. The influence is just too much I think.

Vidya said...

:) but then tom if you have to find a life partner for yourself and you find a person who has got the same interests and tastes then what do you do ? How do u judge as to whether it has to be just friendship or more than that ?....

PizzaDude said...

I wrote this post about existing friends.
Well, if I do meet a person who has the same interests and tastes as me and I am looking for a life partner, I would definitely think about it.

Rashmi said...

Thats exactly the reason why it is so rare... I mean the others who think otherwise!!
Though the 2 in question might not have considered it, others around the 2 would make it soemthing different than plain friendship!!