Friday, April 24, 2009

Ek jaam, dosti ke naam

A close friend of mine emailed me recently saying -

Hellooo! When are u updating ur blog magga?
I know u are too busy dating around and sleeping around, but there's life beyond that too :D

After recovering from the trauma of being referred to as 'magga' *GASP* (will save that for another post), I remembered that the proper reaction to such an email would be to say -


Yes, my dear friend, its been a while since I blogged. The lack of inclination/interest has made me neglect my blog for so long. But, now that you have emailed me and asking me why I haven't blogged, here I am, blogging. This one's for you.

Dear V,

I had never thought that you and I would end up as such good friends, considering the scenario we met in. But, now that we are, I couldn't be happier. Its been a great 3 years knowing you.

I cherish all the wonderful moments that we have spent together. Eating out, talking nonsense, gossiping, shameless leg pulling, exchanging gyaan, shopping, confiding in and speaking direct dil se. Thanks for being there when I needed your support and I will be there when you need mine.

Being the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fanatic that I am, I cannot help but recall this song at this moment -

Here's to a great friendship




Urv said...

:) :D :)

V said...

OMG! OMG! :-) I am famous! You made me world-famous, PD! It feels soooo gr8 to see a post dedicated to you :D That was such a pleasant surprise buddy!

As always, I have a lot to say but don't know how to put in words. Actually what you have written to me applies verbatim for you too, and my lazy brain is suggesting me that I just copy-paste your post here, after replacing "Dear V" with "Dear PD" :D He he, but no, I won't be that shameless.

You mean a lot, lot, to me too. Our friendship has grown from that casual meet on 100ft road to this strong, precious bond which we can count upon when we need it the most, and which pulls us up whenever we are down or low. I am so proud of you and our friendship.
:-) Be as sweet and cheerful as always :D


shub said...

"I know u are too busy dating around and sleeping around, but there's life beyond that too :D"
bwahahaha. I like that bit!! :D

Sayesha said...

Okay now I HAVE to meet this V guy!!!!

PizzaDude said...



@shub:I knew it! Was wondering why it took you so long to post that comment :P

@Sayesha:You will. Soon. I promise!