Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do it NOW!

Alright, all you men out there, who have *never* got their hair shampooed and blow dried at a salon, raise your hands.

Let me count how many hands are raised. I can see atleast 5. Now, go do it. Yes, go get your hair shampooed and blow dried at a salon convenient to you. You need to know how it feels.

I just got it done and I feel lighter than air and pampered to the core! Ah! What a relaxed feeling it is.


shub said...

See, I told you :D

Also, nice ways to evade the Bali trip post. *Clap Clap*

*Slap Slap*

Srivats said...

Hey I agree totally!

PizzaDude said...

Joey Style... You see right through me :O

Hehe! But of course :P