Friday, April 30, 2010

Gym tales

Do you guys remember in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Chandler wants to quit the gym? And they bring out Maria?

I am so screwed!

PS: I don't intend to quit gymming/exercising. I just want to shift to one which is not as expensive as the current one.


Srivats said...


and u didnt mean what u said literally did u ? ;)

p.s: the word verfication says
"doinso" :)

PizzaDude said...

Omg! Hahahaha! Ahem!

AMIT said...

Yes right if we are doing regularly than we should not quit at any cost.

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Tommy said...

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La Belle Dame said...

Lolzzz...Nice one.

Nancy said...

I am a big fan of FRIENDS, I saw all the episodes twice now. :D

I also like to make sport, especially in the springtime, when I have to loose some weight after the winter. :))

Good luck and enjoy! :)

hapi said...

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Sach! said...

Lol :) Too late to drop here.. hope you figured.