Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kannada Film Names

This came to me as a forward and I must say, its one the hilarious forwards I have received.

After the huge success of kannada film MENTAL MANJA, people suggested the below names for the recent/upcoming kannada films..
Sentimental Seena
Nightout Nagamani
Loose Laila
Kari Basya
Kalla Narayana
Blade Baira
Dabba Rathni
Dicchi Suresha
90 Kumara
Kaddi Kallesha
Mental maja.. Daridra nanja
Tikkalu Timmanna
Tukaali tammanna
Dingchak Daamini

The last one was my favourite =))


Karuna said...

Hey! Thx for adding me to your roll call...And this is really hilarious. I actually pronounced each one of them. lol
Nice one really.

:D :D


shub said...

I loved Nightout Nagamani, Mental maja.. Daridra nanja
and Loose Laila. (which reminds me of your usage of "loosu" )

we can also add 'hungry peddha' to the list I think :D

Hey remember that Kannada translation of Music Bands....still have it? pls fwd maadu! :D

Vin said...

it is hilarious.. like Loose Laila.. he he he

PizzaDude said...
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PizzaDude said...

You are welcome :)

Searched for that kannada translation of music bands mail. Did not get it. That was a hilarious mail. Hahahahaha. Must have it at home. Will forward it to you. My favourite among that was "Lou-Bega" aka "Ousra"

:D Hee Hee

shark said...

I had read this before.. but still everytime I read it .. it's hillarious! LOL!!

PizzaDude said...

Welcome!! :)