Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crazy Kiya Re

I always wonder why is it that I start liking songs much more only after I see the video. :-?

I had purchased the audio CD of Dhoom 2 about a month back and did not find the songs all that great or catchy. But after seeing the movie last weekend, I have not been able to get those songs out of my head.. Not that I am complaining (infact, I am playing them over and over on my PC). The song "Crazy Kiya Re" would be quite appropriate in describing the effect the songs have had on me since yesterday. This is not the first time that I have observed such a thing.

Has this happened to you too ?


shub said...

yeah that happens...but of all songs, THAT ONE? :O

PizzaDude said...

Yup :D That and another one..

enigma said...

I think it also depends on whether you liked the movie :)I couldn't appreciate D2!
just curious.. did you like the "excuse me..." song too ?;) Don't worry, i wont judge you :D

PizzaDude said...

Nopes, did not like that song.

shub said...

oyyy have you forgotten this place?! It's been a month nearly! and I just remembered, your SIngapore diary is still incomplete!