Monday, December 11, 2006


I am not talking about myself, but about two close friends of mine. Both were my class mates in college and are now soon to be Mr and Mrs. I am feeling all god-fatherly about this latest turn of events. Its like their love blossomed right before your eyes and now it has grown and matured. Hee Hee. I am so happy for them!!

Before they officially told us about their relationship in college, a couple of us kind of knew that things were definitely going to happen between them. There are certain signs you see. Like going by themselves to the samosa stall during the break, the conversations between them in class.. and lots of such minute but very obvious behaviour patterns!!

So, come this weekend, Mr B and Ms R are all set to get offcially engaged! All the best you guys and a warm HUG to both of you.


Prat said...

Sorry for posting irrelevant comment, but do you know where I can find good neer dosa in Bangalore?
And hey, good luck you guys!

PizzaDude said...

You could try Malgudi. Its on the outer ring road, near Koramangala. They serve food from the four southern states. I am not aware of any other places.