Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cheese and its kind

There is a dog in our street (lets call her Cheese) and she has delivered a litter of puppies in our back yard. There are 7 of them and you should hear them trying to make some sound with their extremely feeble voices. They look so adorable and tiny. Infact, they cant even walk. All of them will be lying like a pile of stones against their mother's body. I tried to take a photo of them, but have not been able to get a good shot. They are all piled up in one corner behind a tree. Cheese is apparently very very comfortable with me and my family and is hardly bothered by our presence. It has become a daily ritual for me to give her bread and milk.

I have always wanted to have pets at home. My parents though are quite against it for two reasons -
  1. Its not good to keep any animal bound or tied. They should be let free.
  2. They will have do all the taking care part of it. I will be excited for a few days, but then due to other constraints like time and effort, I would soon lose interest.
I do agree with them now, but as kids it was a different story. No amount of reasoning could convince me or my brother. Then my mom got a super-duper idea and told us that its either the "Pet" or us. Promptly, my brother and I shut up and have not raised that topic ever since. But, to till this day I wish I could have a pet without feeling guilty that I am curbing its freedom. Infact, an ideal pet would be a baby elephant. Yes, you read it right, A BABY ELEPHANT!. Ever since I saw some on NGC, I want to have one around me and in my house. Oookay, you can stop laughing now :P

Btw, what do you guys think I should name the puppies ? Mozzarella, Riccotta, Feta, Parmesan, Gouda, Cottage, etc.. :))


Anonymous said...

I've always to have a monkey as a pet. :-) What do you have to say to that?

Anonymous said...

Baby Elephant! LOL!

And regarding the names, you can name the pups as Bahut saare cheese! ;-)

I somehow totally detest the idea of having animals inside my house. It's against my idea of cleanliness!

shub said...

"Btw, what do you guys think I should name the puppies Mozzarella, Riccotta, Feta, Parmesan, Gouda, Cottage, ?"

roflmao! =))

aydiv said...

How about Cheesy,Cheesier ,Cheesiest ;o) !!!

PizzaDude said...

I would have to say "Like owner, like pet :P" Haa haa.. Jokes apart, I would say "Way to go!!" :D


Yes, I can understand the cleanliness aspect. But, I guess I will not be able to get a elephant inside my house even if I want to :D So, I guess I don't have to worry too much about it. Though, I can see your point if the pet under consideration was a dog or cat :)

Finally, someone got the joke! :D

LOL at Cheesy :D

Unknown said...


anthiltg said...

Hey, what about the strret dog menace. Once your puppies grow up, they will terrorize ur locality... lol