Tuesday, April 10, 2007

VC, I Love You

I really do and I am saying so from the bottom of my heart. I am sure anyone who has used MSVC debugger will agree with me whole heartedly. It is such a pleasure using it. Makes work a lot simpler and faster. For someone who has been using a debugger to debug an embedded application or firmware, using VC is like a walk in the clouds!


Jnarin said...

You can say that again! :-)

Sudeendra said...

I too love that! :-)

Sudeendra said...

Did u know that MSVC++ 2005 Express edition can be downloaded freely? Its great!

danny said...

can't imagine how life would have been without it!!!!

makes u feel powerful enough to handle those dreaded BUGS!!! :D

sw engg's HIT!!!

shub said...

ahem. Please don't rub salt into the wound. Just yest I was cribbing how painful trying to understand codeflow on Linux is without the step in-out options that VC gives.

PizzaDude said...


I had no idea until you told me. Must check it out!

You betcha!

Hmm.. Are u aware of 'gdb' ? I have not personally used it, but have heard that it is pretty good :)