Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Atithi Devo Bhava

Okay! For all of you who were wondering where I had vanished to, I was busy with loads of stuff. I have shifted my house, quit my job and also went for a trek in the Himalayas. Lots to blog about, but so little time to do so. Right now, I shall leave you guys with a guest post from Shub:

Dearest PizzaDude,

So, when you asked me to do a guest post the other day, I readily agreed, but had no clue what to write! Probably a month later I decided what I wanted to write about, well vague idea, and today I decided to type it down!

In exactly four days, you'll land in Singapore! To start a life that I know you've been dreaming of for a while now. The living on your own, cooking (what-looks-like) exotic stuff (if it doesn't end up in the sink :P), exploring new restaurants and cuisines - oh wait, you do that all the time - and the loads of time for yourself that you'll come to enjoy. I'm sure you'll cherish the experience - like I told you a few days back, I miss that feeling I had when I had just moved in here. You know, that slight anxiety, at how you're gonna cope, the general awe at everything around you*, the little spring in your step since you're gonna be living ON YOUR OWN for the first time, the overall novelty of the experience. You'll definitely love it. Soak in every minute of it.

And yes, we shall go to Bar None again and look for that cute waitress and you CAN say the ridiculously overenthusiastic "Oh HIIIIII!" again. :D This time of course, I'll look away and pretend like I don't know you. Actually that's favourable to you as well. You wouldn't want her to think you're taken or something would you?! Muahahaha!

I'm totally looking forward to try out the zillions of restaurants that are begging to be tried out here, go loafing around generally and yes some cheesecake too! And going looonnng walks after pigging out! Talking nonsense and laughing our heads off at jokes that don't remotely qualify as funny.

Here's to new experiences and good times! And to a great friendship! *Clink*


*Just don't start staring at pretty girls passing by while I'm taking a pic and trying to get you to look at the camera, okay? That's almost as bad as the Bar None type embarrassment! :p


jnarin said...

Welcome back!! Was actually beginning to wonder where you were. :-)

Pixie said...

Hello! and it's nice to see you back!
Do Blog about all your experiences... especially about the Himalayas :-)
All the very best for the new job/place...
Singapore seems to be such an awesome place!
Good Luck! :-)

Gargs said...

Dude ..
U trekked???????
I thought it was more of a dekho of the scenery from the horse back and the pithu's back

PizzaDude said...

Thanks! :)

Thanks! Yes, all the blog posts are in the pipeline. Once I get time, I will post all my experiences.

:P Yes, I did. The horse ride was only for the last two days after my knee gave way. I couldn't help it.

shub said...

Your knee acted up? Ouch. No wonder the comment about not making you walk too much.

Srivats said...

Such a lovely friend you have! blessed!