Friday, January 23, 2009

Foodie Express

Being a vegetarian in Singapore is not an easy task if you must know. Not only is there a lack of places serving vegetarian food, even if we do find one, it will invariably be an Indian food stall. Now, I do not belong to that set of Indians who insist on eating only Indian food wherever they go. I have seen people pass comments like - Lets go to a place where we can eat a real lunch. Bah! If you ask me, we must try to eat as many varieties of food as possible. Infact, a visit to a place will not be complete without sampling the local cuisine.

Many of us chose to remain or turn into a vegetarian for various reasons. I happen to be one among such people. So, to make life a tad bit easier for people on the lookout for vegetarian food in Singapore and who don't want to stick to just Indian food, let me present to you a set of restaurants serving vegetarian fare among others in a series of posts spanning over a year.

A bunch of friends(Shub, Sash, Viv and Sumanth) and I, have decided to visit atleast two new restaurants every month. I will be reviewing each restaurant on my blog (accompanied with photos) and may also recommend a couple of drinks/dishes which have to be tried out at that particular restaurant. Needless to say, all the restaurants that I review will have a couple of vegetarian dishes. In the process, I hope to take you all on a veggies-guide-to-food-in-Singapore tour through my blog. All such posts will be tagged under 'Foodie Express' and can be viewed by selecting it under the "Tags" section.

Watch this space for reviews and our experiences at "Siem Reap 1" and "Blooies" this month.


Pixie said...

oh.. goodie! :-)
waiting for the reviews...

Krishna Shankar said...

Fantastic! Thanks in advance for your kind services...

Anonymous said...

Hi I was surfing and chanced upon your blog - it's a very entertaining read! I'm Singaporean, so it's not surprising that I was especially interested in your food posts :-)I'm vegetarian too and have to disagree about it being difficult to find veg food here, especially if you like Chinese vegetarian food. Almost all the major food courts and hawker centres now have at least one stall.
Since you're starting on your Foodie Express, I thought I'd be a kaypoh (local lingo for a busybody!)and throw in some suggestions ;-)

1) For vegetarian versions of local food like mee siam, laksa, mee goreng, mee rebus, chicken rice etc, you can try the food courts or Gokul restaurant at Upper Dickson Road (next to Jothi Flower Shop) and there's also an interesting restaurant at South Bridge Road (just a few doors away from the Mariamman temple)called DeliVege.

2)You can find a Chinese veg place at almost every corner nowadays. My favourite places include Eight Treasures at Sago Street off South Bridge Road. It's the first shophouse on that lane which is the last street before the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The satay, nonya assam fish curry and sambal kangkong are especially nice! I also love going to Lotus Restaurant at Quality Hotel (Balestier Road) where they do a *fabulous* steamboat buffet.

3)One rare all-veg Western restaurant is Original Sin at Jalan Merah Saga, Holland Village. Its sister restaurant, Michaelangelo's (which is just next door) is also very good and has both meat and non-meat options. If you like Mexican, Margarita's at Dempsey Hill has vegetarian versions of all their tacos, burritos and enchiladas. I much prefer Margarita's to Cafe Iguana at Clarke Quay, which is quite popular among a lot of people.

4)Another place that has several veggie options is Don's at the basement of Tanglin Mall. The menu is a mix of Japanese,Indonesian and Korean food so it's quite an interesting option and the dishes are priced below $10. I remember Sakae Sushi also used to have a veggie set, I'm not sure if they still do as it's been ages since I went there.

Sorry for the super-long post, but hope that there are some places in the list that would be new to you and your friends. Happy exploring and eating!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You live in Singapore! Pretty cool... My mum was telling me about how tough it is to get vegetarian food in Singapore, she'd been there recently.

P.S: It's my life's aim to go to Singapore (with a friend!), but I'm not allowed cos I'm apperntly too young :( :x

PizzaDude said...


@krishna shankar:
You are welcome!

WHOA! Thanks for the compliments and the suggestions. Would definitely try to include as many as them in the our quest!