Saturday, January 17, 2009

Uh Oh!

So the other day, I was chatting with a Filipino colleague(FC) of mine who had just returned from a long holiday in Philippines.

PD - Hey! How was the trip back home?
FC - It was great! Had lots of fun.
PD -
Nice to know. You must cribbing to be back at work after the fabulous holiday.

FC - Yeah! Waiting eagerly for the Chinese New Year holidays.

PD -
Oh! Planning one more trip back home?

FC - Yeah!!! But not to Manila. This time I am going to a resort.

PD -
Cool!! Which one?

FC - Boracay. Its a beach resort.

PD -
Oh! I vaguely remember hearing about it.

FC - Ok.

PD -
Is is one those place having white sandy beaches? I love such places.

FC - Yes!

PD -
I must plan a trip to Phillippines sometime. Looks like it also has its fair share of white sandy beaches.

FC - You should. It does have some great places.

PD -
So what all can you do at Boracay?

FC - The place has got a great nightlife. Bars, clubs, discos.

PD -
Oh! I see.

FC - But YOU can also spend your time reading over there.

What the..??!!! Is that what people think of me as? A geek. A GEEK! Oh dear lord!


Pixie said...

good one!!! :)


*walks away laughing*

(P.S: Will come back when I stop laughing!!) :-D

Gargs said...

Whts wrong in people considering u as sumone who likes to read.. does tht translate to Geek?

Nidhi said...

If FC would have said "But YOU can also spend your time EATING on the beach or in the clubs", it would have still been proper :D

Sayesha said...

See this is why we insist we need to get you drunk. You need to show this guy what you're made of (80% alcohol).


Srivats said...

Geek !

after all its not jus me who thought that LOL :P