Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It was just about three months since my last visit to India. But then on the night of 8th May, I found myself back at the swanky Bengaluru International Airport. After all, it was my yaar's wedding. And since both of them are close to me, it was inevitable that I had to attend the wedding. A bunch of other close friends also joined the dulha and me, and we flew down together from the hot and sweltering Singapore to the hot and happening Bangalore.

Now, when Viv is around, Dumbcharades are all the more fun. After some non-family friendly enactment in the plane, I was successfully able to decipher which hindi movie title Viv was trying to mime. It was Saajan Bin Suhaagan. Oh! How we laughed. I think Sash will put up an entire post on that. You will have to wait till then for the details. Ahem!

We had exactly 7 days in Bangalore and most plans were already made. The plans mainly comprised of food places that we must all eat at :P Sash had already mentioned that she would be quite happy if she got her daily dose of road side pani puri. Food street was one of the highlights of the trip. We ate so much there. Urv and Ved had joined us and all of us hogged as if we hadn't eaten in days. We started off with dose, followed by holige, jaljeera flavoured with kalakhatta, gobi manchurian, pani puri and ended the meal with some butter-gulkan. What a meal that was!

Then came the wedding and it was another eat session. Viv did proper justice to the food and even the cooks at the wedding seemed very pleased with him. I don't think he ever said no whenever he was asked for second helpings. Apart from eating, we also managed to enjoy and take part in the wedding festivities. It was quite sometime since I had been to a traditional tam-brahm wedding. What made it even more special was that it was two of our close friends getting married.

Post wedding, we went on a small trip along with newly married couple. Sumanth has promised us that he would show us around rural Mangalore and also take us to visit a few of his relatives. Morning coffee and tea was at relative-1's house. Breakfast was at relative-2's house and lunch was at relative-3's house. We ate and we ate and we ate. And just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, we ate again. It was exhausting!! Sash even said that she wouldn't eat pani puri that day :O The amount we have eaten in that one week in India, we wouldn't have eaten the same in two weeks in Singapore. Now that we are back in Singapore, we have to exercise with a revenge.

It was one heck of a memorable trip and it all seems like it got over too soon. Trips to India are always special and close to heart. This was my second trip in this year and I don't know when I will be visiting next. Maybe in the end of this year. Or maybe not.


Sayesha said...

:D :D :D :D

Nandini said...

(Came here from Sayesha's blog as you might be the better person to answer my question.)

The last time I was in Bangalore my husband and I spent hours walking around in the vicinity of MG Road in search of this infamous Food Street. Mind you, we ended up eating in Bhima, a fantastic Andhra restaurant, so it wasn't a total wash (food hunts in Bangalore never are) ...

I'm planning a quick visit to Ye Olde Hometown Of Yore this November, though, so the point of this overexcited and rambling comment is, WHERE THE HELL IS THIS FOOD STREET. Please to be giving me proper address and/or instructions for auto driver.

Thanking you very much, yours very sincerely,

Urv said...
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Urv said...

Why have you written dosa as dose? Me has never seen it like that :|

We sure had a MAGAdose of food at Food Street :P ;)

PizzaDude said...

:D :D :D

:) Food street is located in VV Purum. Its the street next to the very famous VB Bakery. This might be of help.

@Urv: Its called as dose in Kannada.

Nandini said...

Thanks, Pizzadude! :)