Friday, April 07, 2006

Absolutely Nothing

Yesterday was one of those days when I did absolutely nothing. It was quite some time since I did that (absolutely nothing). Hee Hee. We had a holiday yesterday. So, got up late and did nothing. It was so amazing to just sit the whole day with nothing to do.... I agree it would get quite frustating if this was an everyday routine, but it would be great to do it (absolutely nothing) once in a while.. Try it out. Its worth it... Me feeling very very nice and relaxed today.


raz said...

lol ! :) i get bored if i ve nothing to do! yest ! i was bored ;)

dannyboy said...

tht's one of the best ways to spend time... pity, i dont have the oppentunity to do so... and yeah i did finally post again. check it out!!!