Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bombay Blue

Although I claim to be a total foodie, I realized that I have not even put up a single post on any particular restaurant. So I am gonna start with a restaurant called "Bombay Blue". This is definitely one of "my kinda restaurant". I am sure certain people know what I mean... For the others, My kinda restaurant would be the one, which serves a variety of my favourite cusines (Italian, Mexican, American, Continental), is kinda fancy :D and the food is amazing. Generally in these multi-cuisine restaurants, they end up screwing up any non-indian cuisine... But Bombay Blue was nothin like that. The cuisines which are available are : Italian, Mexican, Lebanese and Indian. I am not gonna talk about the indian food there, cos I felt it was nothing great. It was good, but there are other places which are much more famous...

Coming to the other cuisines, I particularly liked the mexican fare served there. My fav being "Tortilla Chips with Salsa sauce". This is one of the must haves.... Even the nachos were good.

Among the Italian fare, they have a nice collection of pastas with the regulars like Arabiatta. I had Spaghetti with a mexican based sauce, mexican beans, american corn and sprinkled with crushed tortilla chips. This was quite good, but felt that the corn could have been baked along with the sauce so that it soaks up the flavour.

The soup was really good. I ended up having the regular "Sweet Corn soup". And he does not have a Tomato soup (another of my favourites).

Oh yes I forgot to talk about the Menu.... I mean the menu booklet. It was huge !!!! 16 pages in total (yup, I counted the pages). The pictures in the menu looked totally appealing.... U look at those pics and it induces a craving for the food depicted there.. atleast it happened to me... :D

The drinks were quite expensive... Iced Tea cost Rs. 69.... and the quantity is quite large too.... My suggestion, take one glass of iced tea and share it among two... Also happened to taste white wine... It was good tooo...Hmm.. me currently fantasizing about the wine I had that day.. *drool*.

Try the "Pita pockets" among the lebanese fare.. Its good too.... Sizzlers are also available... Have not yet tried them there.. Next time I go there, Sizzlers is what I will be having...

The dessert menu was nothing special though. Just the regulars...

Bombay Blue, Level-2, Bangalore Central, Commissariat Road, Bangalore-1

Be prepared for some pocket pinching.


shub said...

:)) finally! I was also thinking the same you still haven't 'reviewed' any!

"but felt that the corn could have been baked along with the sauce "
did u tell the chef? :p Maybe we'll keep that in mind when we open OUR restaurant! whatsay?! :D

and of course bombay blue I'll always remember for your treat, amd me shamelessly forgetting your birthday gift in office! hey didnt we take any snaps that day?! :(

shub said...

and by the way you sound like a total foodie snob :p

hey which was that "multi cuisine" restaurant we went to...yaaa...Paramount! Oh man!!! can forget the taste of those oily noodles!

PizzaDude said...

@shub: Yup.. We wl keep that in mind when we open our restaurant.

And why do u say that I sound like a total foodie snob ?????