Sunday, April 16, 2006

Times Food Guide

I am now a prowd owner of the "Times Food Guide - 2006". Just purchased the book yesterday. Its like a bible to me. Lots of listings anf hoping to try all of them out. I have set a time limit for myself, but hopefully in this life time. Needed a "partner in crime" for the same.


Swaroop C H said...

I had bought the same book a couple of months ago. Very interesting indeed.

Perhaps you can request for applications in trekware ;-)


The Priestess said...

All the best with all the foodie adventures!! try the places with low ratings..some of tem may be good but just below the reviewers snooty noses!

btw, i am priestess ..not princess :)

PizzaDude said...

@swaroop: :D

@priestess: Sure.. and I am so sorry for referring to u as "princess". Must have overlooked it :D

shub said...

when I come home next time. Hehe need a treat for the whopping hike also man! Bombay blue it is! :) Or anything better will also do! :)
am reeeeeeeeeeeallly missing being in bangalore now :(

PizzaDude said...

@shub: sure yaar... >:D<

niara said...

I have this great idea. I need to talk to you about it. :-)
Oh yeah, congratulations on the ownership.

PizzaDude said...

@niara: Great Idea ??? Wow.. temme temme soon.. Me waiting eagerly..

Ramya said...

not blogging anymore?? what happened??